Memes Against Trump is a simple project, almost as simple as an Internet meme.

The concept is this: Anti-Trump activists can use Memes Against Trump to find and to share visual memes expressing resistance to the presidency of Donald Trump.

The memes we share here are a combination of raw images without text and images that already have the pithy words added on top. Feel free to grab them and repurpose them in your anti-Trump activism.

We welcome all anti-Trump activists to join in the creation and distribution of these memes. Pro-Trump trolls are not welcome, and will be blocked. Trumpists have the White House, the Congress and the Supreme Court. They won’t have this web site.

We are also determined not to adopt the crude, bullying behavior that we deplore among the Trumpists. Memes that criticize ideas are welcome here. Memes that demean groups of people, or use bullying language, will be deleted.

Where did these memes come from, and who owns them? We make no claims about that. If we discover that someone has a legitimate claim to the ownership of a meme we have up for display, and that owner asks us to remove it, we will, but we don’t have the resources to check the ownership of every meme that has been submitted here.